2016 Nevada Primary Challenged UPDATE



Citizen Task Force for Voter Rights Formed to Help Reduce Election Fraud

LAS VEGAS (October 14, 2014)

Michael Monroe

Michael Monroe, Congressional District 4

After the 2014 primary elections in Nevada Congressional District 4 where Mike Monroe an unknown, unfunded, handyman received 5,392 votes (22.18%) and outright won several rural counties, a group of citizens began looking closely at the votes in that race and the questioning the integrity of the election system. That investigation produced so many unanswered questions it resulted in the formation of “Citizen Task Force for Voter Rights” (CTFVR). This nonpartisan group is on a mission to alert voters in the upcoming general election to look for and report suspected election fraud. In the future, CTFVR will be helping to coordinate efforts to repair the serious vulnerabilities found in the Nevada election system.

“There is nothing more important to our citizens than the trustworthiness of our election process. We know that in Nevada, and across the country, the election machines and the process of vote reporting can be compromised. Our task force wants to help limit that as much as possible. By alerting voters on how to spot and report on observed problems, and by demanding the system be capable of being independently audited from beginning to end, candidates, donors and citizens can be much more confident of the accuracy of the reported results,” said Retired Air Force Colonel Robert E. Frank, Chairman and founding member of CTFVR.

Other founding members of Citizen Task Force for Voter Rights are Julie C. Hereford, Lisa Mayo-DeRiso, and Nic Alfonsetti.

Citizen Task Force for Voter Rights is a non-partisan group, initially aiming to help protect all voter rights to:

* Ensure Vote Counted Accurately
* Demand End -To-End Audit Trail
* Enforce Accountability
* Insist on Transparency
* Require Third Party Certification

In order to “Make Sure Your Vote Counts”

* Verify Signature on Voter Log
* Report Problems to Poll Watcher, County Election Department and NV Secretary of State
* Report Details of Suspected Fraud to Authorities
* Request Post Election Audit Records For Public Review
* File Election Law Violation Complaints to the NVSOS, AG and FBI

Citizen Task Force for Voter Rights has launched its initial campaign to alert and educate voters to ensure the reporting accuracy of votes by handing out voter alert cards and training observers to call any irregularities or observed problems with voting machines and election systems to our Election Fraud Hotline: 702-557-9369 and Email to VoterRights@CitizenTaskForce.Org.

In the future, CTFVR will be working with the Secretary of State, Attorney General, The Legislature and nonpartisan groups to establish independently verifiable, full election system audit trails to create chain-of-custody records that enable rapid and equitable resolutions of questionable election results.

Frank added, “Increased voter awareness and better trained poll watching teams during this November election should enable many more concerned voters to participate in bringing about significant system improvements to avoid repeats of the gross irregularities seen in the 2014 CD-4 primary election.”